Day, only serve Halim Airport flight 126

Day, only serve Halim Airport flight 126The Ministry of Transportation with the Air Force continues to evaluate operational Halim Airport which is currently scheduled commercial aircraft flown . One airline that has landed and flying from Halim is Citilink .

Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transportation, Herry Bakti said evaluation being conducted especially Garuda Indonesia will fly from Halim . Do not let this interfere with airline operational functions for the Air Force and the VVIP flight .

” Now go on as usual and we are evaluating the Air Force . Garuda Indonesia is getting closer to the day we are also evaluating how the maximum flight and do not interfere with other Air Force plus others , ” Herrera said in Jakarta this weekend .

Herrera also suggests that there is a change from the original plan that calls Halim will accommodate 126 flight a day . This plan was discussed and not yet certain whether or not capable of accommodating Halim .

“In the past 126 flight , then perhaps there are things that are discussed again . Proposed Garuda already moved from Cengkareng .
We expect to be resolved soon , ” he said .

In the transfer of flights from Soekarno- Hatta Airport to Halim ‘s , Herrera reiterated there would be no addition of new routes . ” The new route we reject , it is proposed a lot of new routes . Airline others also suggested the same . Proposed first 126 flight per day , now principle will not be 126 per day , ” he concluded .

The body of the Scout Truck Accident Victims Taken in Pandeglang Family

The body of the Scout Truck Accident Victims Taken in Pandeglang FamilyJakarta – A total of 6 people were killed in a truck accident Mandalawangi , Pandeglang Bantam including the driver and helper . 5 Of the six bodies have been brought home their respective families .

” After examination , the bodies had taken their families . Helper only bodies that have not been ( brought the family ) , ” said Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Anwar Sunarjo Pandeglang as confirmed by AFP on Friday ( 07/02/2014 ) .

The death toll from a truck accident that took the group scout SMK 1 Pandeglang reach 6 is 4 students , 1 driver and 1 helper . The body of the helper who has not taken a family named colleague David ( 21 ) , which is located at Kampung Kadugadung , District Cipeucang , Pandeglang , Banten .

Before the accident , the truck was carrying 59 students Nahas . In addition to 6 people died , 23 people injured . While the rest otherwise it’s okay .

The accident occurred in the area Mandalawangi , Pandeglang , Banten, on Friday ( 02/07/2014 ) at around 16:30 pm . Suspected truck brake tension so that the driver could not control the vehicle .

Ahok ask employers wake SPBGs this year

Ahok ask employers wake SPBGs this yearJakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama ( Ahok ) admitted today Jakarta shortage Fuel Gas Filling Station ( SPBGs ) . To that end , Ahok asked to Compressed Natural Gas Association of Indonesian Employers ( APCNGI ) to invest in building SPBGs .

“I was met with APCNGI . Seriousness he asked us to buy the bus . Engga need I say more arguing about the price of gas , not our business , it’s in the EMR . Sutiyoso age and I said that so emphatically Pak Bowo why not just because you want to add bus baseball is interested in investing , “said Ahok at City Hall , Thursday ( 6/2 ) .

Ahok asserted , the city government plans to buy 1,000 buses and 3,000 TransJakarta bus was on this year . Thus , the city government will guarantee the investment will not hurt SPBGs entrepreneurs .

” I told you engga worry this year . TransJakarta We want to buy 1,000 buses and 3,000 being , if we do it almost 30 SPBGs deficiency . Please you make , ” said Ahok .

Gerindra politician is added , the CNG entrepreneurs committed to building SPBGs this year . However , Ahok not know the location and amount of gas fuel stations to be built APCNGI .

“Immediately they want to invest donk SPBGs definitely make it profitable , they fear there is a bus if waking baseball SPBGs . Berapanya , their affairs , ” he said .

Ala grooming Marilyn Monroe, Miley Cyrus Photo Coverage Bad Girl

Ala grooming Marilyn Monroe, Miley Cyrus Photo Coverage Bad Girl

Miley Cyrus is not his name if it does not spread sensation. This time, he was dressed as Marilyn Monroe and style bad girl posing in front of the camera. Want to know?

Look at photos diunggahnya through these social networking sites. He appeared with blonde hair a la Marilyn, made ​​complete with a pale white face as a result of heavy makeup.

The photo shows Miley was smoke a cigarette, which is still on the butt end. Some like a safety pin in his ear piercings reinforces the impression of bad girl.

Miley itself is performed with the make-up is quite thick. In addition to eye shadow and eye line is thick enough, he was also wearing a seductive red lipstick.

After this photo spread, many people who think Miley looks pretty scary this time. If you think how?

Observer, basically enough food supply

Observer, basically enough food supplyAgricultural analyst Benny Pasaribu judge basically the food supply in the country is sufficient for logistics and distribution management , but poor results in disrupted supply especially during high rainfall in some areas to experience flooding and landslides .

” I think , we are not weak but stock management and logistics of food distribution that bad , ” said Benny Pasaribu on Tuesday .

The man who is also Secretary General of the Indonesian Farmers Association ( HKTI ) it is said , from year to year, Indonesia has experienced high rainfall resulting in floods and landslides in some areas to supply uninterrupted groceries , stocking rare , and then a high price .

He considered the government should be able to guarantee and provide the basic needs of the community at an affordable price .

” It’s been a tradition for years that the peak of the rainy season occurs in January-February so the government should be able to anticipate , ” he said .

Former Chairman Banggar it argues ideally Ministry of Commerce , Ministry of Enterprise , and the Ministry of Agriculture and other parties related to the coordination of food to formulate a systematic effort to ensure the stability of food supply during the rainy season is not conducive .

“Right now a lot of damaged infrastructure , disrupted agricultural production , so one must be proactive SOE example Bulog to take a stand . Do not be afraid to take the initiative , ” he said .

If not immediately advance efforts designed or initiated possibility something similar will happen again next year .

He pointed out, it should encourage Bulog warehouses reactivation of rural cooperatives as a means for storing the food logistics .

” The number of the thousands of warehouses in various areas , this should be optimized again so times like this when a lot of damaged distribution infrastructure , food supply can be maintained in these areas , “

Gita supporters ask for the case investigated thoroughly import Vietnamese rice

Gita supporters ask for the case investigated thoroughly import Vietnamese rice

Gita Wirjawan announced his resignation as Minister of Trade . Pullback Gita , was mentioned in relation to cases of imported rice from Vietnam .

Hearing the news slant , Secretary General Gita Indonesia , Bambang Smit issued a firm stance . It asked concerned officials immediately investigate the case of import of Vietnamese rice .

Furthermore , supporters of the accused if the Gita Wirjawan imported cases this can destroy the political career of the former Minister of Trade .

” Request that the case is not politicized by oppressing Gita Wirjawan as import issue is being investigated by the Ministry of Commerce .

Furthermore Bambang accused , many parties are using the issue to attack the rice import ‘ champion ‘ as evidence of the inability of a healthy democracy . Because already spread slander without evidence base and strong facts , and only the unfounded assumption .

In fact , it was suspected there was political scenario in the case of Vietnam ‘s rice imports . Because, said Bambang , political opponents Gita toward the upcoming presidential election deemed unable to compete .

” Volunteers have already indicated the existence of a scenario Gita parties who deliberately politicize this issue . They are political opponents who do not want to compete well and deliberately political character assassination against Gita Wirjawan related to the political process in 2014 Presidential election , ” he said .

Meanwhile , members of the House of Representatives ( DPR ) , the Word Soebagyo , judging step Gita Wiryawan resign from the trade minister should not be done when the case of import of Vietnamese rice sticking . He said a decision Gita as avoidance of problems that are being twisted his ministry .

” Why sir Gita retreat day is not far when the convention grounds ? Choice not to retreat right in the middle of messy imported rice and a few other things at this time , ” said Vice Chairman of Commission IV of the House of Representatives when met at Waroeng Daoen Cafe Cikini , Jakarta .

According Golkar politicians , the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Agriculture has been conflicting policies regarding food sector . The case of rice imports from Vietnam as an example .

“According to the law can only Bulog imported medium . Less new stock can be imported . Stock at this time there are 2 million tons , the production of surplus . ‘s Offense ,

Democrat Politicians to complete the examination Anas Files

Democrat Politicians to complete the examination Anas Files

Inspection of the two Democratic Party politician only to complement the suspect Anas Urbaningrum file. Michael Wattimena and Umar Arsal Hambalang cases examined as a witness.

“Our presence today, in order to add the necessary evidence investigators,” he said after being examined in the House KPK, South Jakarta, Tuesday (01/28/2014).

However, Michael refused to open the examination material. He states, KPK investigators are authorized only to open the material inspection.

“It’s all just asked the investigator team, because it is not ethical if we let in here. Hambalang point,” said Michael added.

Michael out of the KPK building with colleagues, Umar Arsal, who also checked today. Umar Arsal amplify answers complementing Michael that the KPK is the narrator inspection file.

“The principle is to help,” said Umar added.

China Warns U.S. Against New Zone Defense

China Warns U.S. Against New Zone Defense

China warns U.S. against any move to declare a new zone defense , over parts of the South China Sea, including the disputed islands .

Chinese Air Force officer has designed the proposals for the Air Defense Identification Zone ( ADIZ ) future that can put the Paracel islands in the core .

Such a move would be viewed ” as a unilateral and provocative actions that could raise tensions and questioned China’s commitment to the management of diplomatic conflict areas , ” said a spokesman for the U.S. State Department Marie Harf , as reported by AFP on Saturday ( 1/2 ) .

However , he stressed that these reports have not been confirmed at this time .

Beijing claims the South China Sea almost half the size , even areas far from the coastline .

Countries located around the sea mutually overlapping claims over the sea was involved in a dispute with Beijing , including the ownership of the islands .

Many countries , including the United States and Japan , using the ADIZ as a form of early warning , allowing them to monitor aircraft approaching their airspace .

Words Habibie to Hatta, Ical, Prabowo and Wiranto

Words Habibie to Hatta, Ical, Prabowo and Wiranto

BJ Habibie as the founder of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) to advise ICMI cadres who are contesting the 2014 election. The former President said, some cadres ICMI now run for presidency, such as Hatta Rajasa, Bakrie (Ical), Prabowo and Wiranto, should hold political sublime. Because ICMI not enter the world of practical politics.

Candidates , if anyone nominated from ICMI , for example, Priyo Budi Santoso , but there are also Hatta Rajasa , Bakrie ( Bakrie ) are also members of ICMI , Prabowo , Wiranto also on the Advisory Board of ICMI . But in between they should commit on the 5K , the Piety Faith Quality , Quality Work , Quality of Life , Quality Work , and Quality Thinking , “said Habibie in a meeting with officials at His residence ICMI , Kuningan , Jakarta , Friday ( 31/01/2014 ) .

Chairman of the Presidium ICMI Priyo Budi Santoso said that the visit to the Honorary Chairman of the Board of BJ Habibie, ICMI ICMI ‘s commitment to continue to discuss a long march in creating political sublime is ahead of the 2014 election .

” Almost three hours we discussed many things with Mr. Habibie as chairman of the Honor Council . We are committed to developing the political sublime , ” Priyo said .

Priyo described , there is a message given by Habibie to all elements of the nation ahead of the general election , the political sublime . Where the public are invited to remain committed themselves to the familial attitudes , deliberation , and religiosity .

” We will invite Muslims element of any color safari We sat together at a table with various scholars of interfaith organizations . Familial We want the spirit of this nation should not be broken , ” Said he .

At the meeting was also attended by a number of figures , such as the Honorary Chairman of the Board of Election ( DKPP ) Jimly Asshiddiqie , Presidium ICMI Marwah Daud Ibrahim , Muslimin Nasution , Sugiharto , Johan Silalahi , Muhammad Taufiq .

Secure the 2014 election, Police Make Use 253 035 Personnel

Secure the 2014 election, Police Make Use 253 035 Personnel

Police will lose 253 035 security personnel for the 2014 election. In 2014 Brata Steady operation, the personnel will be on duty for 224 days or until all phases of the election is completed.

National Police Chief Pol Gen Sutarman said it will form a task force national, regional , and Police . Personnel will be supported by a national police force numbered 23,450 military personnel and 1,091,556 of Community Protection personnel .

“The personnel that will secure 186 172 508 voters . Meanwhile, based on data from the Commission as well as the 545,778 polling stations . Responsible for the security of the country as the police are obligated to guard , maintain and secure the 2014 elections , ” said Sutarman troops during a rally in Monument Square , Jakarta , Thursday ( 30 / 1/2014 ) .

5th Annual Security democratic party will be done through an integrated and comprehensive management and empowering resource . In addition, a synergistic strengthening cooperation with the Commission , Bawaslu , DKPP , military , public safety and other partners .

” It ‘s so democratic party the 2014 elections can take place safely , honest , fair , and democratic , ” he said .

Sutarman explained that it had mapped the election insecurity in all parts of Indonesia . This is to anticipate as early as possible undesirable events , by lowering the Police intelligence units .

” So as to anticipate early in each stage of the election , either before , during, and after the presidential election , ” he said .

Sutarman added , there is a potential vulnerability that requires serious attention in order not to develop into a real nuisance in the 2014 election .